An animation house with the creative, technical and production capability for high-end animation that is wholesome, creative, cost-effective and technically adept.


Do you have a storyline or an idea that is difficult to describe with words? Or is there a property or product you want to showcase to your customers?


Creativity, Technology and Expression along with world-class creative talent help us bring to life the vision of our clients through our Pre-Viz, 2D/3D Animation, Visual EFX, Game Development, Face Capture and Feature services.


About Us

We create 3D graphic animations that include animated 3D models that bring to life your idea or design, or script, from the drawing board to life on the computer screen or the silver screen. Our story board artists create a blueprint and our animation experts add emotion, real life tones, actions and lighting effects to help bring your storyline to life. We can create architectural walkthroughs to showcase your real estate property or any building. We provide a full service environment with our animation and visual effects services for motion pictures, television commercials, trailers, and music videos. As part of our holistic service approach we also offer non animation services such as Music and Sound Design, and creating innovative e-commerce solutions for the entertainment industry.
At Haricane Studios we make sure of one thing - We don't limit ourselves!
Founded by Prabhakaran Hari Haran, Haricane Studios is poised to make a mark in the animation industry and set a benchmark for the quality of animation from Indian shores. Hari Haran set up Haricane Studios at the young age of 23 as his entrepreneurial venture with the ambition of creating new landmarks and bringing world class quality animation to the Indian animation industry.
Hari Haran is not new to the entertainment industry. Hailing from a family of veteran actors and professionals in the Indian film industry, he finds his greatest inspiration in his great grandfather the acting legend ‘Nadigavel’ M R Radha who has been an iconic figure of the Indian film industry. Hari Haran has completed his Bachelor of Technology degree in Chennai and his Masters in Finance and Media in Singapore.


Creativity, Technology & Expression along with world-class creative talent help us bring to life the vision of our clients through our Pre-Viz, 2D/3D Animation, Visual EFX, Game Development, Face Capture & Feature services. We use latest software tools, technology & techniques to offer our services from concept development, pre to post production.

2D/3D Animation
The studio has an efficient production pipeline, set to produce quality 2D animation in an optimized time schedule. Haricane Studios offers end-to-end animation services for production including Layout, Background, Animation, In-Between and Clean Up. Capable of producing full-fledged 3D Animation broadcast as well as theatrical feature animation. Services offered like 3D character , sets and props modelling and texturing, rigging and animation.
Enhance Pre-Viz architecture modelling and designing done with best of the resources in world at Haricane.
Visual EFX
With its creative capabilities and experienced VFX artists on board, Haricane Studios is the right place for realizing the dreams of the entertainment live-action directors.
Game Development
We are pioneer in animation and we deliver the best of graphics with gaming twists
Face Capture
Haricane Studios, have also patented their own “Facial Capture Technology”. Which is an cutting breakthrough for terms of bringing Low-cost in-build technique catered to the Global Entertainment Industry. Haricane Studios offers facial capture with their in-house technology as a specialized service. To know more about this please contact us and request for a personal demo.


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